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Can you check the dishwasher for Food & Hygiene Certification?

Yes we can,we work in with the local district council health and safety officers and have the same forms that are required to be filled out. We will send a copy to you as well as them. We also offer a full preventative maintenance schedule that we would be more than happy to add your appliance to so it has regular check ups to avoid a break down in your busy times.

The food is burning on the bottom?

This usually happens because the element hasn’t been told to turn off at certain intervals. There is a couple of componentry items that control this circuit that would need to be checked first before we would replace anything.

The dishes are coming out streaky?

This is common when there is not enough water pressure and the rinse water isn’t covering all of the dishes. The first thing we would look into would be your incoming water as well as check the wash and rinse jets for blockages. If they all look good then maybe the rinse pump isn’t functioning properly.

How often do I need to service my combi oven?

It depends on your water supply as lime scale builds up in the steam generator.  We would recommend 6 monthly descaling for starters to get an idea of how much calcium is in your water supply. We also check over the rest of the other services to your oven whilst we are on site.

What other services do you offer?

We understand the importance of your appliances working to their full capacity when you require. So we offer preventative maintenance where we use the manufacturers checklists at their recommended schedules. This is usually for the dishwasher and glasswasher, ovens, washing machines, dryers, coffee machines and sanitizers. With the backing of our suppliers we can help you out with any of your appliances. Just ask, we are only too happy to help.

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